Terms of Service

We’re a friendly team that believes in building genuine relationships with our clients. We’re always striving to do our best to support our team, our clients and our community.

We believe in being transparent in our pricing and in how we work to ensure we’re meeting your expectations.

The following page ensure we’re on the same page when starting to work together.

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We are serious about protecting the copyright of created works. We will only digitise, reproduce or print your project if you are the copyright holder, have written permission from the copyright holder, or are claiming provisions under Australian Copyright Law.

We reserve the right to request additional documentation or to cancel a project if we are unsure of the copyright status of provided work.

We do not take ownership of any works provided to us by our clients.

Payments and Deposits

Payment for the estimated project cost is due before the commencement of projects. Our published pricing includes a 10% prepay discount.

  • We accept payment online by Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Bank Deposit payments are accepted but may delay your project commencement
  • We accept cash but carry limited change in the studio
  • Cheque payments are subject to a $60 deposit fee.
  • Credit terms are generally only available for Government Departments.

We do not have payment facilities on site as our payments are processed online. Please ensure any outstanding invoices are paid before collecting your project.

Invoices for final payment or additional work are due within seven days of issue. A fee of $10/week may apply to late payments. Please contact us to make alternative arrangements before your invoice falls due to avoid this fee. We can be flexible when circumstances require. 

Our Services Fees

We believe in transparent service fees, and we publish all our service fees on our website. We aim to ensure all of our pricing is correctly published, if an error is noticed, you will be notified of the correct pricing prior to your commitment to the project.

Our retouching, restoration and collaborative print services are billed hourly; in complex or highly collaborative projects, we may exceed the initially estimated time commitment for your project (We base these on averages).

In instances where multiple revisions and conversations are required to complete a project, we may need to extend the project budget to accommodate your requirements. We will always discuss these options with you before they are billed.

Uncollected & Abandoned Objects

Original and printed objects will be stored for up to two weeks after completing your project at no extra cost.

We have a small studio. An additional cost of $10/week may apply to projects requiring ongoing storage after two weeks from the project completion date.

If you don’t collect your project, it will be treated as abandoned after twelve (12) weeks, and all physical objects will be securely destroyed.

Warning: This includes original objects (Including Artwork, Film, Photographs, Documents, etc.)

Any outstanding invoices for work completed, late payment fees, storage fees, and destruction costs will remain payable.

Handling & Storage of Original Objects

While we take great care of original artworks and objects, we cannot guarantee that incidental or accidental damage will not occur during handling or storage.

Extremely delicate objects and artworks, including cracked photographs, pastels and unfixed works, are more susceptible to damage. We add additional handling fees on fragile objects to ensure that we’re committing the time required to handle them with care and to reduce the chance of damage.

For high-value objects or collections with an assessed value, we can organise for your objects to be underwritten by our insurers.

Handling and Storage of Digital Assets

We use industry best practices to manage the security of our clients’ digital files. This includes the use of encrypted Laptops, Computers and backup services.

We work to protect your intellectual property and will only use your files to complete your project as instructed.


Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis. As all our products and services are customised and tailored to individual clients, we don’t offer refunds if you change of mind or for errors within files provided as “print ready”.

The editing and restoration work we do can be highly personal and subjective for each individual. We use digital and physical proofs to keep our clients in the loop, ensuring we’ve got confirmation to progress to the next step.

Our goal is always to meet our client’s expectations to the best of our ability and within the budget allocated. In instances where additional costs are anticipated, we will always confirm these costs before we proceed with the work.

Sharing your work on social media

We enjoy promoting the work we complete for our clients. If you have published the work we have created for you on social media, we may re-share those images to promote your work and ours.

In instances where you have not published our work online, we will always seek permission before using your work to promote our products and services.

Visiting our Studio

Our team works flexibly, and our studio is staffed for booked client consultations, collections and drop-offs.

This ensures you aren’t waiting for service or interrupting other clients when you arrive.

You can book studio appointments online.

Our Consulting Rates

We work hard in our initial consultations to ensure that we quote appropriately for the work you anticipate for us to complete. We estimate project costs based on the average time spent on similar projects; however, your project may be more detailed or specific.

We understand that editing, restoring and retouching your photos can be a personal experience, and we aim to get the best possible result within the quoted budget.

If you request additional changes or require additional consultation time to finalise your project, our hourly rates range from $120-$180/hr. We will always inform you of any additional costs before progressing your project.

You can help us keep your project within budget by providing your requirements concisely and in writing, helping reduce the time we spend collaborating on your project.

Shipping - Loss or Damage

Fine Art Prints: We pack all our fine art prints with care. On the rare occasion that your prints are damaged during shipping, we will organise a replacement to be delivered, free of charge.

Original Objects: We always pack original objects with care to limit the chance they will be damaged during transit. However, if you instruct us to return original objects, you assume the risk that these objects may be damaged or lost in transit. We can add insurance to the parcel on your behalf; we recommend you investigate the insurance terms to ensure you’re covered for the value you specify.

Shipping - Returned Parcels

Australia Post charges a $14.50 fee to returned parcels. If your parcel is returned due to it not being collected, or due to an incorrect address, this fee will be passed on to you. A re-delivery fee will also apply at our standard rates.

We’re humans too and if we have made a mistake on our end, we will take responsibility and cover the cost of the return fee and re-delivery.

Updates to our Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions may change from time to time and are available on our website. Please check back from time to time to review our terms and conditions.