Our Vision & Values

We believe in creating a sense of belonging, valuing that relationships, not transactions are the foundation of how we connect with one another. 

We believe in creating positive impact for those that share our world – Regardless of race, species or ideology.

We believe in leading by example.


We love change

We are change makers that are inspiring those we connect with to make an impact. We want to see people thrive in their passions to create positive impact within our communities.


We love community

We are building genuine relationships that support, encourage and inspire stronger communities. We believe in standing for and with our community to do good things.


We love our world

We believe in taking care of our environment, our people and our community. Our long term impact depends on values that considers our impact on our global, collective future.


We love sharing knowledge

We love to share knowledge, helping people to grow in their passions. We believe that through sharing knowledge, we can inspire new ideas and collaborative solutions.