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Don’t Let Your Memories Fade: Digitise Your Photos


At Lucent Imaging, we're passionate about photos and understand that your photographs are precious memories of the past. They're a link to people and places that have been a part of your life, painting a vivid picture of your personal and family history. We want to help you digitise your old photos. Over the last decade, accessibility to digitisation technology has made it much easier to capture, restore and share our old memories. Here's our 5 step guide to help you start to digitise your old photos today, ensuring that they're kept safe for future generations. 1. Find your old photos [...]

Don’t Let Your Memories Fade: Digitise Your Photos2019-08-12T00:09:11+10:00

Where to get film developed in Canberra


Over the last 10 years, many businesses serving photographers in Canberra have closed down, making it harder to explore new gear and a challenge to those of us that still love to shoot film. We're often asked where to process film in Canberra and unfortunately, there's nobody around with a solid reputation for processing film. The places that do accept film will often send your film away. We have heard of places around town that have a mini lab out back but with the dwindling number of film being processed in Canberra, we're dubious about how well maintained their chemistry [...]

Where to get film developed in Canberra2019-08-23T22:33:56+10:00

10 Photo Backup Options to Keep Your Memories Safe


Most of us have had the experience of losing our precious memories because of a dying phone, computer or external hard drive. Here's a list of photo backup options to help you keep your memories safe! Using a combination of the options below, you can make sure that you never go through the experience of losing your photos again. Before I started Lucent Imaging, I worked as an Enterprise Network Systems Administrator and there was a number of times that I needed to run really complex, expensive and time-consuming data recovery projects for clients because they didn't back up precious information. For [...]

10 Photo Backup Options to Keep Your Memories Safe2019-08-12T02:18:26+10:00

Canberra Framing Recommendations 2019


At Lucent Imaging, we've had the privilege of working with so many precious memories, particularly when it comes to photo restoration and fine art printing. Often, the next step for many of these photos is to be framed and displayed on the wall in peoples homes and offices. When it comes to Canberra Framing Recommendations, we've got a few ideas to help you find a framer. l Levitra presenta caratteristiche molto simili al Sildenafil (Viagra) e quindi non rappresenta una assoluta novità in termini farmaceutici, configurandosi come una semplice versione modificata del principio attivo del Viagra. Questa modifica ha però consentito una miglioria [...]

Canberra Framing Recommendations 20192020-07-07T03:22:53+10:00