Epson Perfection V700/V800 Scanner Hire

Affordable professional scanner hire to digitise your memories

Scan your own photos, negatives and slides using one of the best scanners on the market. Why buy an inferior scanner when you can rent one for a few days, get the job done, and return it.

The Epson V700/800 is a versatile and high quality scanner perfect for digitising photos, slides and negatives of all shapes and sizes. These are the scanners we use for our restoration work and they do a superb job, capturing all the colour and depth in the source material. They’re easy to use and we can give you a brief demo to get you up and running.

The scanner comes with four sturdy film holders, with one each for 35mm slides, 35mm strips of film, medium-format film up to 6 by 20 centimetres (primarily 2.25-inch, 6-by-20-centimetre, 120, and 220 format), and 4-by-5-inch film. In addition, there’s a separate film area guide for film up to 8 by 10 inches.

Scanner Hire Rates

Monthly Rate (28 Days)

$1750/ Day
  • $490 / Month

Weekly Rate

$2500/ Day
  • $175 / Week

Two Day Rate

$4000/ Day
  • $80 / Two Days

Daily Rate

$5500/ Day
  • $55 / Daily

Additional Services

Additional ServicesPrice
Delivery (Canberra)$30
Delivery (Canberra) + Training*$110
Pickup (From our studio)FREE
Pickup (From our studio) + Training*$80
Collection (Canberra)$30
*Training covers basic instruction and lasts 30 minutes.
Additional Instruction & Software Install: $110/hour

Digitisation Training & Software Installation

When you opt-in for our basic training, you will be hands-on with one of our experienced imaging specialists. Unfortunately, 30 minutes isn’t enough time to share all the knowledge of thousands of hours of professional development. However, they will be able to give you the most practical advice to help you effectively digitise your treasured memories.

To save time, your trainer will come prepared with the required software installed and ready to go on their computer. Additional installation support and training is available at $110/hour.

Please Note: If you require training or have imaging questions, please book this with your scanner hire request to ensure that we have a knowledgeable team member available.

Guide: Digitising Photo Collections