Fine Art Printing Discounts

We’re a community-focused, relational business and our service discounts are tied into those values.

We work hard to look after students, those actively participating in the creative community and long-term clients that have supported us over the years. 

Our discounts are subject to change. If you’re pricing your prints for sale, we recommend using our standard print prices as a baseline.

Fine Art Printing discounts

We’re a relational business that believes in building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our loyalty discounts are applied to all printing and framing orders unless a more generous, bulk discount price applies.

Tier Print & Frame Spend Relationship
Base (Online only) 3% $0+ 0+ Years
Bronze (Online only) 5% $5,000+ 1+ Years
Silver (Online only) 10% $20,000+ 2+ Years
Gold 15% $30,000+ 3+ Years
Platinum 20% $40,000+ 4+ Years
Platinum + 25% $50,000+ 5+ Years
Artists in Gold tier and above also receive an additional 10% off full service artwork reproduction.

Loyalty tier upgrades are only partially automatic. If you believe you are eligible for a tier upgrade, don’t hesitate to reach out.

We believe in building longterm relationships with our clients and have lifetime discounts for those that have supported us over the years.

If you’re looking for ongoing discounts from the get go, our membership plans are a great way to get started as we start to get to know each other.

Enthusiast Memberships gives you the printing & framing discounts of our Gold loyalty tier and are best for those spending $400/month or $4,800/year.

Professional Memberships gives you the same printing & framing discounts of our Platinum Loyalty tier and are best for those spending over $950/month or $11,400/year.

Tier Monthly Annually Discount
Enthusiast $49.00 $490.00 (Save $98) 15%
Professional $149.00 $1490.00 (Save $298) 20%

The base discount rate will be used unless you have a Gold, Platinum or Platinum+ loyalty discount.

Print Order ValueBaseGoldPlatinum (+)


Students save 20% on fine art printing & framing for coursework and assessments.

This discount does not apply to prints for resale, non assessment exhibitions or other commercial purposes.

We may be able support your fundraising effort towards humanitarian and environmental causes by donating 50% of your project value directly to either the organisation you’ve chosen to support or one we already contribute to.

Our decision will be based the fundraising efficiency of your chosen charity (How much goes to good).

Important Notes

Discounts are not applicable to rush orders or to consulting time. Our discounts are not stacked and don't apply to promotional offers.


Each year we support a number of charitable organisations and individuals that are doing good in our community.

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Community Discounts

We are big supporters of creative communities.

Your membership with these organisations gives you a 10% discount on print orders over $100.

– PhotoAccess
– Illustrators Australia