What is Giclee Printing?

Coined in the 1990’s giclee (zhee-KLAY) is a term often used to represent fine art prints. It’s important to know that a giclee print doesn’t define a specific standard or quality of print and that not all giclee prints are made the same.

Giclee printing using pigment inks

When it comes to archival, museum grade artwork and photo prints, those created on modern pigment based inkjet printers are at the top of the list. We use Canon’s latest generation 12 colour pigment inks in our wide format printers.

Independent testing has shown that our prints will last 60 years framed under glass (to an archival standard), ~80 years when framed under UV Glass (to a museum standard) and > 200 years in archival album storage.

A digital C-print alternative for photographers

Many photographers that have a fondness to the silver halide based Type-C Print with many digital labs continuing to produce beautiful prints using the traditional RA4 process

With modern pigment based printers, photographers now have access to a wider colour gamut, a larger range of print media and longer print permanence, all while reducing the the environmental impact of chemicals and heavy metals.

Innovations like Canon’s chroma-optimiser reduce the gloss differential previously seen between high-gloss Type-C and inkjet prints.

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How long will my prints last?

In reality, print permanence is a difficult topic of discussion as it is impacted significantly by a variety of factors including print media, lighting, humidity and temperature fluctuation. Studies into the longevity of our Canon LUCIA PRO pigment inks on our archival papers have shown ~60 years fade resistance when displayed behind glass?and >200 years fade resistance in album storage.

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