About Lucent Imaging

Founded in January 2018 by James Walters and Korske Ara, Lucent Imaging combined James’ existing photo restoration business and Korske’s passion for photography to launch a new venture, bringing high-quality, professional imaging to Canberra.

Lucent Imaging works with customers in Canberra, across Australia and around the world to deliver incredible photo restorations and archival, museum quality prints.

Our Team and Experiance

James Walters
James WaltersGraphic Designer & Photo Restorer
After completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong, James spent the next decade as a graphic designer in the ‘churn and burn’ world of advertising.

Starting an image restoration business in 2012, James quickly built a reputation as a leading photo and document restorer across Australia.

At Lucent Imaging, James handles our photo restorations and manages our national network of restoration service partners.

Korske Ara
Korske AraPhotographer & Printer
Passionate about photography and the story behind each photo, Korske has been involved in the photography world for over 10 years.

With a skillset that expands from Agriculture to Network Administration, Korske has always had a unique perspective to solve problems and activate ambitious ideas.

At Lucent Imaging, Korske manages the technology behind our colour managed print workflow and builds partnerships to inspire our creative community.