Professional Photo Scanning

At Lucent Imaging, your photos and documents are handled with care.

They’re individually captured by one of our experienced imaging specialists using our professional quality Archival Scanner.

We also offer additional colour correction, editing and restoration services.

What kind of photos do we scan?

Photo Scanning Pricing

Scan Quantity A5 A4 A3 A2
1 Photo $10.00/ea* $15.00/ea* $30.00/ea* $60/ea
2-9 Photos $8.00/ea* $12.00/ea* $24.00/ea* $48/ea
10-29 Photos $5.00/ea* $7.50/ea $15.00/ea $36/ea
30 – 100 Photos $3.50/ea $5.50/ea $10.50/ea $36/ea
101+ Photos $2.95/ea $2.95/ea $7.50/ea $36/ea
250+ Photos $1.95/ea $1.95/ea $2.95/ea $36/ea
500+ Photos $1.50/ea $1.50/ea $1.95/ea $36/ea
* A minimum project value of $60 applies to all scanning projects.
Additional Services
Custom File Naming $0.50/ea
Additional File Documentation $120/hr
Fragile Object Handling QUOTED
Album Handling $60 – 120/ea
Delivery Options
Digital File Delivery (Download) Included
16/32GB USB – Sandisk (~500 Photos) $20
64GB USB – Sandisk (~1,000 Photos) $40
128GB USB – Sandisk (~2,000 Photos) $50
256GB USB – Sandisk (~4,000 Photos) $100
1TB SSD – Sandisk (~12,000 Photos) $250
2TB SSD – Sandisk (~24,000 Photos) $350
4TB HDD – Western Digital (~48,000 Photos) $250
For security reasons, we don’t accept client-supplied devices

Turnaround Time

The typical turnaround on photo scanning projects is 10-15 working days.

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