Professional Photo Retouching

Seamless photo retouching for old and new photos for professional or personal projects.

What kind of photos do we retouch

Document Restoration Pricing

Our standardised pricing for our more common restoration projects includes scanning if required, safe storage of your original objects in our care, digital restoration and digital delivery of your restored photos.

Project admin & client proofing$80 (per project)
Basic (0.5 hrs)$86$92$104$164288
Standard (1 hr)$166$172$184$244$368
Advanced (2 hrs)$326$332$344$404$528
Extreme (3+ hrs)$486+$492+$504+$564+$688+
+ Hourly rate$160-$220/hr
Digital File DeliveryIncluded

Additional Services

Fragile handling/storage*$40$40$40$80$80
Framed print handling$160/hr (Frame Removal/Reframing)
Print of restored imageBased on size of print required – See Pricing
Files supplied on USBFrom $22.00

* Fragile objects include those that require additional care when rolling (or un-rolling) or cannot easily be stored flat in document folders.

Turnaround Time

Typical turnaround on restoration projects is 5-10 business days.

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