Poster & Map Scanning

We have experience working with posters and maps in varying conditions, digitising them to ensure they’re preserved digitally.

Posters & maps we've scanned

Poster & Map Scanning​ Pricing

Scan Quantity A1 A0 2A0 4A0
Setup & Admin Cost $80.00
Per Scan +$84.00/ea +$208.00/ea +$456.00/ea +$952.00/ea
Retouching/Print Setup From $40
Fragile Objects +$3-$15/ea
Album Handling* +$40-$160/ea
Custom Documentation +$160.00/hr
*Album Handling covers the additional time required when we need to remove/replace photos from an album or handle them with additional care to avoid damage.

Turnaround Time

Typical turnaround on restoration projects is 3-5 business days.

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File Sizes

Your original objects are scanned and provided as an uncompressed TIFF file.

The following table shows the approximate files size of each digitised work.

Original Size400 PPI600 PPI1200 PPI
A551 MB198 MB
A4102 MB398 MB
A3204 MB796 MB
A2408 MB1.56 GB
A1817 MB3.27 GB
A0727 MB1.63 GB
2A01.45 GB
4A02.90 GB