Digital Document Restoration

We offer document restoration and reproduction services for old maps, certificates, prints and artworks on paper. You can display the reproduction and keep the original in safe storage.

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What Kind of Documents do we Restore?

  • Family Document Restoration

  • Univeristy Testimur Restoration

  • Historical Certificate Restoration

  • Share Certificate Restoration

  • Newspaper Article Restoration

  • Deed Restoration

  • Birth Certificate Restoration

My experience with Lucent Imaging was outstanding. James and Korske are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and will definitely be back.

Michael Briguglio, Canberra

Very accommodating, fast service and great retouching. Besides the price a little high (although needing decent amount of fixing) I’m very happy. Will use them again.

Tash Robinson

Awesome experience, outstanding quality with my prints, The advice Korske gave really made the difference. Without Lucent Imaging, I would have ended up with mediocre prints. Definitely a repeat customer.

Michael Tiyce

Can’t recommend Lucent highly enough. Printing and paper quality is beautiful and the service is second to none. Korske really went above and beyond to help me create the finished product I wanted. Highly recommended.

Shelly Higgs

Document Restoration Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing to help you budget your next restoration project. Our pricing includes scanning of your original, safe storage of your original in our care, digital restoration and digital delivery of your restored photos.

Basic (< 0.5 hour)$75.00$80.00$100.00$130.00
Standard  (0.5 – 1.5 hours)$140.00$145.00$165.00$195.00
Advanced (1.5 – 3.0  hours)$275.00$280.00$295.00$325.00
Extreme (3 hours +)$370.00+$375.00+$390.00+$420.00+
Fragile Handling/Storage*+$35.00+$52.50+$75.00+$120.00
Frame Handling$25.00-$100
Optional Print**$11.00*$14.00*$29.00*$57.00*
Optional USB***$25.00

* Fragile Handling & Storage:
Additional costs may apply to fragile photos and documents, due to extra handling time and storage requirements.
** Optional Print: Printing costs vary based on size. You can confirm prices on our printing page.
*** Optional USB: We deliver files digitally, if you prefer files on USB, we can provide one for you.

Let’s have a chat

Give us a call to have a chat about your restoration project.

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Turnaround Time

Our average photo restoration turnaround is between 5-12 days. Please give us a call if you have an urgent request and we will try to accommodate your deadline.

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Very customer orientated, fast & professional delivery and service.”

Skye W

Greenwich, NSW

“The prints look amazing. I am so happy with how they turned out. It was difficult to tell that they weren’t real certificates and just copies. Thanks for turning these around on such a tight deadline.”

Victoria T, Australian Stock Exchange

Sydney, NSW

“Excellent service and meticulous attention to detail. Prompt and responsive.”

Daniel B

Shanghai, China