Booking a visit.

Our team works remotely and our consultations are booked in advance.

We approach each project with a consultative approach to reduce interruptions and to spend quality time with our clients.

Our client studio isn’t staffed for unannounced visitors.

Before you visit

We work hard to organise our time to reduce the overall cost of each project we complete for our clients.

We offer information across our website to help you understand our pricing and how we work before you visit.

You can help reduce the cost of your project by preparing in advance with your requirements.

General Services Consultation

Book a time to discuss your next print, digitisation or restoration project.

Book a drop off or collection

You've confirmed your project and simply need to collect or drop off original objects or prints.

Print Consultations

We believe in getting to know our clients to understand how they work and to learn how we can best help to turn their images into printed works of art.

Ready to print and need some help to get the best result? Book a consultation to get in front of the screen with one of our fine art printers.

New client introductions

We love meeting our clients in person to see your art, to show you our workspace and to share how we work.

Print Consultations

For those looking to prepare and proof exhibition prints or looking for a collaborative print approach. From $60.

Our team is COVID-19 Vaccinated.

HEPA Air Filters

We operate medical-grade H13 filters to reduce airborne dust and virus particles.

Additional Cleaning

Workspaces are wiped down after use to reduce virus spread across surfaces.

Mask Wearing

All our team wear masks in the workplace when required by health advice.