Our Rates

We quote our services on standard pricing rates that take into account our knowledge, our time and our equipment.

We believe that pricing transparency supports our industry, informs our clients and builds trust.

Team Rates

Our base rates take into account the experience of the team and the equipment they’ve been provided to fulfil their role.

For larger projects, various team members will contribute to the delivery of the project to improve efficiency and to reduce overall cost. 

Studio Assistant
No specialist knowledge, equipment or software
Archival Print and Digitisation Specialist
3+ years experience + Colour managed workstation + Digital Imaging Software
Exhibition Print and Digitisation Specialist
10+ years experience + Colour managed workstation + Digital Imaging Software
Professional & Commercial Services
Account and project management for large commercial projects.

Digitisation Rates

Our base equipment rates take into account the cost of the equipment and operator/s required.

Our quotes are based on a per object cost using the most suitable equipment for your requirements and may vary based on the condition and storage of the provided objects, which may increase handling time.

Larger projects will include a contingency to account for additional handling time, ensuring that we are never rushing your project, sacrificing care or quality to meet a budget.

Epson v850 Photo Scanner
Capable of 20 captures per hour*
A2 Art Scanner
Capable of 30 captures per hour*
A2 Book Scanner
Capable of 100+ captures per hour*
High Resolution Copy stand
Capable of 180+ captures per hour*
Ultra High Resolution Copy stand
Capable of 500+ captures per hour with 2 operators*

* Excludes project setup and additional post processing

Printing Rates

Our pricing takes into account handling time, the cost of our ink, other consumables, maintenance and external colour validation.

Base printing rate (No media)$220/sqm
Standard printing rate$305/sqm
Custom media profiling – Setup$420/ea
Custom media profiling – Annual verification$280/yr

Urgent Projects & Overtime

Our team works exceptionally hard to look after our clients and we focus heavily on encouraging a healthy work life balance.

We hold high values to ensure our team is compensated appropriately for overtime and additional work in excess of 38 hours/week. If we have available capacity, your project cost will reflect the cost of overtime and weekend pay rates.