At Lucent Imaging, we focus on preserving memories and creating prints that last. Sustainability and longevity are at the heart of what we do.

We’ve put our environmental sustainability values into practice by minimising our environmental impact and by offsetting our emissions, to become a carbon neutral studio.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Trees Planted
0 t
CO2e offset

Our Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

We’re minimising the environmental impact of our studio by better understanding the carbon footprint of our day to day resource use and by improving our workflow to prevent emissions.

After doing what we can to reduce our overall impact, we purchase carbon units to offset the difference. 

Our offsets are invested into the Gold Standard registered Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia.

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Diverting waste from landfill

In partnership with our workspace (Keep Co), we divert over 10 seperate waste streams from landfill including batteries, polystyrene, printer cartridges, e-waste and delivery pallets.

We also donate proceeds from ACT Container Deposit Scheme eligible recyclables to OzHarvest via the Green Shed. 

Since 2018, we’ve diverted over 3,000 kilograms of waste from landfill.

Paper & Cardboard


Mixed Recycling




Soft Plastics


Our Emissions History

At Lucent Imaging, we’ve considered our environmental footprint since day one, measuring, reducing and offsetting our emissions as we’ve grown.

By documenting our emissions history, we want to educate our clients on the impact of the projects we complete and stay accountable to our environmental sustainability values.

As our business grows, we are always aware of the additional impact we make on our environment and work to minimise that contribution.

Year CO2e Impact
2017/18 4 t CO2e
2018/19 10 t CO2e
2019/20 12 t CO2e
2020/21 19 t CO2e
TOTAL 45.0 t CO2e

Carbon Neutral Print Delivery

With our prints travelling from Canberra to clients across Australia and around the World, we ship each print with its environmental impact in mind. 

We’ve considered our printing, packaging and delivery methods to offset the carbon footprint of each parcel.

Your prints are delivered by Australia Post who are committed to carbon-neutral delivery.

Our Operational Impact

Below are the CO2e impacts of key operational resources.

Resource Contribution CO2e
Electricity 6,200 kWh/year 05.2 t CO2e
Water 35 kL/year 0.30 t CO2e
Transport 5,000 Km/year 0.80 t CO2e
Inbound Freight 50 Kg @ 9,600 Km/year 0.51 t CO2e
New Paper 360 Kg/year 0.40 t CO2e
TOTAL 7.21 t CO2e

Our Waste Impact

Below are the CO2e impacts of our main waste streams.

Resource Contribution CO2e
General Waste 650 Kg/year 0.63 t CO2e
Paper & Cardboard 1,275 Kg/year 3.23 t CO2e
Mixed Recycling 300 Kg/year 0.50 t CO2e
Organic 50 Kg/year 0.10 t CO2e
Soft Plastics 30 Kg/year 0.10 t CO2e
TOTAL 4.66 t CO2e