Fine Art Print Dropshipping

We’re a team of passionate fine art printmakers, we’re photographers and artists ourselves, and we treat each print as it were our own.

We understand the high quality of work you expect and ensure that every print we ship has been inspected and carefully packed.

Who do we dropship prints for?

Carbon Neutral Print Delivery

With our prints travelling from Canberra to clients across Australia and around the World, we ship each print with its environmental impact in mind. 

We’ve considered our printing, packaging and delivery methods to offset the carbon footprint of each parcel.

Your prints are delivered by Australia Post who are committed to carbon-neutral delivery.

Fine Art Print Dropshipping Pricing

We have three different shipping tiers based on the level of customisation you want to apply to your packages.

 Lucent BrandedWhite LabelCustom Branded
Parcel Post – Up to A3$12.50$15.80$19.10
Express Post – Up to A3$14.50$17.80$21.10
Parcel Post – > A3$18.50$21.80$25.10
Express Post – > A3$22.50$25.80$29.10

We’re currently working towards dropshipping framed and stretched canvas prints. We don’t have an ETA at this time.

 Lucent BrandedWhite LabelCustom Branded
Parcel Post – Standard (<= A3)$35.00$38.30$41.60
Express Post – Standard (> A3)$45.00$48.30$51.60
Parcel Post – Large (> A3)$60.00$63.30$66.60
Express Post – Large (> A3)$80.00$83.30$86.60

These International shipping prices are indicative. Due to fluctuating international shipping costs, we ship tracked parcels internationally by quote.

Shipping is calculated on the greater of physical or cubic weight.

 0.5 Kg1.0 Kg2.0 Kg
New Zealand (Zone 1)$44.00$55.00$71.00
United States (Zone 4)$55.00$67.00$90.00
United Kingdom (Zone 5)$59.00$72.00$97.00

Taxes and duties: Are paid by the receiver or paid in advance for some destinations and are charged on the value of exported goods.

Delivery Times

Delivery times are in addition to print production time.

Parcel Post: 2-6 Business Days Express Post: Next Business Day

How to Dropshop

Simply order your prints online and choose to ship your prints to your clients address.

Get in touch

Get in touch if you've got any questions.

Cost Effective

Our fine art drop shipping for creatives has no upfront costs, making it a cost-effective way to ship high-quality prints.

White Label

We can send your parcels with unbranded care guides and your name on the shipping label for that personal touch.

Delivery Tracking

We send your prints through a tracked delivery method so you and your customers know exactly where it is.

Delivery Insurance

In the unlikely event that your prints are damaged during shipping, we will ship a replacement at no extra cost.


We don’t currently offer drop-shipping intergrations for 3rd party e-commerce platforms. It takes an exceptional team to make uncompromising prints and we put high value on quality over quantity.

We don’t offer drop-ins of custom marketing materials. As an alternative, we offer a custom branded shipping option that includes a personalised A5 document included with your order, printed on Envirocare 100% recycled card by Ball & Doggett.

Yes! We can review your images and help setup your print ready files. Our rates for file setup and review are:

Archival Print Specialist – $120.00/hr
Billed in 15 minute increments. Minimum $30.
Average workload: 10-20 images/hour (Without extensive masking and editing)

Exhibition Print Specialist – $180.00/hr
Billed in 15 minute increments. Minimum $90.
Average workload: 5-10 images/hour (Without extensive masking and editing)

We offer volume based discounts on client spends over $12,000/year. Learn more on our discounts page.