Over the last 10 years, many businesses serving photographers in Canberra have closed down, making it harder to explore new gear and a challenge to those of us that still love to shoot film.

We’re often asked where to process film in Canberra and unfortunately, there’s nobody around with a solid reputation for processing film. The places that do accept film will often send your film away. We have heard of places around town that have a mini lab out back but with the dwindling number of film being processed in Canberra, we’re dubious about how well maintained their chemistry is.

Where do I get my film processed then?

Some of our team here at Lucent Imaging still love and shoot film and we trust our film to Rewind Photo Lab (Sydney). We also have a lot of respect for the team at Ikigai Camera (Melbourne). Both Rewind and Ikigai offer mail in film processing making it super easy to send in your film to be processed, scanned and mailed back.

Rewind Photo LabSydney
Processes: C41, B&W and E6
Scanning: Noritsu HS-1800, Hasselblad Flextight X5
Processes: C41, B&W, E6
Ikigai CameraMelbourne
Processes: C41, B&W, E6 (outsourced)
Scanning: Fuji Frontier SP3000 & Noritsu HS-1800

Can I process my own film?

If you’re interested, you can certainly process your own B&W and C-41 film using a processor like the JOBO. The JOBO is great because it can be used without a darkroom to process your film.

There’s some learning involved and we recommend getting in touch with the crew at Photo Access if you’re interested in learning about processing and printing your own film.

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