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Fine art printing for students

Having been students ourselves, we believe in supporting our next generation of creatives with high-quality digitisation and print services.

Our student guide provides valuable information to help you produce exceptional quality art prints for assessments and exhibitions.

Where do our students study?

Our team believes in supporting our upcoming generation of young creatives. 

We understand that you’re still learning some of the finer details, and we will help you prepare your print files for the best outcome.

Be prepared: We recommend that you have your files ready to print 2 weeks before your deadline to ensure you’re not missing a chance to talk to someone about your project in detail or getting charged rush fees.

Student Discounts

Fine Art Printing: Save 20% on fine art printing for coursework and assessments.

Artwork Digitisation: Save 20% on artwork digitisation services.

This discount does not apply to prints for resale or other commercial purposes.

Book a Studio Visit

Book a free print consultation worth $35 with one of our team to prepare for your printing project.

Turnaround Time

The typical turnaround on printing projects is 5 working days. Rush fees apply to faster turnaround times.


Our knowledgebase contains a helpful information to help you prepare your files for printing

2 Weeks to Collection
Have your files selected
Have the files you plan to print selected and edited for initial review.
2 Weeks to Collection
2 Weeks to Collection
Book a print consultation
Book a print consultation to get advice on our papers and professional advice on editing and setting up your files for print (Your first 15-minute consultation is FREE).
2 Weeks to Collection
1 Week to Collection
Test print proofing
If you're getting physical proof prints, these should be proofed one week before your collection deadline.
1 Week to Collection
1 Week to Collection
Print ready files confirmed
Have your print files confirmed and submitted for printing.
1 Week to Collection
5 working days to collection
Prints added to print workflow
Your files are checked and added to our print workflow, we schedule your prints to be made in our next printing window.
5 working days to collection
3 working days to collection
Urgent Projects
If you're really running late, we can process an urgent project (3 days) which may incur a $60 rush fee and affect your student discount.
Your files must be setup correctly and ready to print.
3 working days to collection
Print Collection
Collect Prints
Collect your prints, ready for exhibition or assessment!
Print Collection