What are the framing options for my prints?

There are two common framing options that you can pursue to frame your new photographs. Custom framing and off-the-shelf framing

Custom Framing
Choosing to custom frame your print will give you flexibility in designing exactly what you want.

  • You can choose your own size and design
    The best part of custom framing is to be able to print to your specific requirements.
  • Your print will be ready to hang
    Generally, your framer will provide your frame ready to hang on your wall. If you have specific hanging requirements, they’ll be able to accommodate that as well.
  • Less chance of damage
    Your high-quality print is still fragile, handling it without care can result in damage. Fingerprints, scratches and creases are permanent.
  • Your framer will look out for all the small details
    Dust, scratches and other imperfections that are common with self framed prints will all be looked after.

Off the Shelf Framing
With off the shelf framing, you’ll be limited to available frame sizes but these are generally more cost-effective.

If you’re looking for an affordable option for framing, this is usually the way to go but it does come with drawbacks.

  • Buy from a framer and have them install your print
    Installing prints, particularly larger ones can be difficult. Ensuring that there’s no dust in your frame and that you’ve mounted your prints correctly for longevity are both important things to consider.
  • Perspex/Plastic instead of glass.
    Low-quality perspex/plastic often distorts photos and doesn’t present well.
  • Damaged Glass/Frame
    Off the shelf frames are made in bulk and don’t often have as stringent quality controls. Check for scratches and marks.
Updated on March 17, 2022

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