What size I should print?

There are a few considerations when choosing what size to print your photos.

These considerations are generally personal preferences and it’s hard to provide specific advice as to what print sizes are suitable for your specific space and personal taste.

Where we can help is in providing advice on the quality of your digital files, whether they will print to your preffered size and edit them for the best print result. 

If you’re looking for specific advice for your project, our print consulting services start from $30.

If you’re printing for an exhibition
Talk to your gallery director/manager about your ideas, they understand the space you’re exhibiting in and can provide more advice about what would work in their space. 

If you’re printing to sell your prints
Most packaging material you will find will be A sized. For prints smaller than A2, we recommend considering standardising your prints to fit A sized sheets for easier packaging. A sizes can also be easier to visualise. Everyone has seen an A4 sheet of paper and larger sizes are simply multiples of an A4 sheet.

If you’re printing for your personal space
Most people print to standard sizes, either photo size (6×4″, 8×10″, etc) or A size (A4, A3, etc) as they’re easier to find readymade frames for. 

If you’re custom framing your prints, your print dimensions can generally be whatever you like.

Tip: Pick your frame first 
If you’re working to a specific budget, we recommend that you look at your framing options first as they’re usually the larger part of your project budget.

Once you’ve considered your framing options, you can find our print sizes and pricing on our website to fit your frames.

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Updated on October 30, 2023

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