Choosing the right glass or acrylic for your art print

There are many different types of glass and acrylic options available for your new art and photographic prints. 

Choosing an option may seem complex but often it’ll come down to price. 

Should I use Glass or Acrylic?

Glass is often a default choice for picture framing; it’s affordable and less susceptible to scratching. It’s also heavier and more vulnerable to shattering. 

Anti-reflective coatings are generally more affordable with glass. 

Acrylic is lightweight and shatter-resistant; it’s a better option for shipping, and many competitions and awards request framed prints to be glazed using acrylic.

We recommend acrylic as a glazing option on framed prints larger than 60x90cm. 

Anti Reflective & Non-Glare Coatings

Anti-reflective coatings generally remove glass reflections and improve the clarity of the glazing. This coating type allows for 98% of light to pass through the glass or acrylic. This style of glazing is sometimes called “invisible glass” due to its high clarity.

Non-glare or Reflection Control coatings reduce glare using a matte glass surface that scatters the light; it reduces reflections but doesn’t improve the clarity of the glazing to improve light transmission. This style of coating has a similar light transmission to uncoated glazing (~90%). 

Premium Grade

Our premium glass offers ~45% UV protection, and Premium Acrylic offers 66% UV protection. It’s a great, affordable option for the everyday person looking for an affordable glazing option.

Cost: Most affordable

Conversation Grade

All conservation glass and acrylic will offer >98% UV protection and is often used for high-value art prints, photographs and artworks. 

Cost: ~2x more expensive than standard glass

Museum Grade

High-value art prints, precious objects and original artworks are usually framed under museum glass to showcase the work with 98% UV protection and near-invisible glazing.

Cost: ~3x more than conservation grade. ~10-15x more expensive than standard grade.

Updated on May 9, 2023

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